Sunday, November 14, 2010

DrMikey's 'Locke in Black'

The second DrMikey print I purchased during his LOST-6-year-anniversary event is the amazing Locke in Black.

DrMikey's 'Progress'

DrMikey recently held a sale on his LOST prints to celebrate the 6-year anniversary of the LOST premiere (and the fictional Oceanic 815 crash). I used this opportunity to pick up a couple of his posters that I have had my eye on for some time. The first of these is a depiction of the arrival of the Black Rock to The Island, with Jacob, his brother, and the 4-toed Taweret statue waiting by the shore. The Numbers also make an appearance.


My LOSTie pal Bonnie (@andalone on Twitter) recently sent me a "DHARMA drop" (apparently Ben hasn't paid her a visit yet) which included the items below. Thanks Bonnie!

Ajira Airways stickers

DHARMA swan station tattoos

Postcard featuring artwork by John Hopkins

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Medicom Jack Shephard 12"

Medicom put out a 12" Jack Shephard figure in 2008 as part of their Real Action Heroes line. I monitored eBay for a few months until I finally found one offered at a decent price.

I "customized" the figure by adjusting the tie such that it looked to be blown by a brisk wind.

You can get some nice angles with the figure, especially in conjunction with a bit of mood lighting.

Kate really knows how to get into Jack's head.

The jacket isn't particularly well made, but it sports a rip in one sleeve as shown in the pilot.

Take away my pain on the road to Ottawa

While driving around town recently I noticed a familiar silhouette on the road behind me. I quickly passed a camera to my daughter in the back seat and she snapped a pic. Hurley, dude, an orange paint job isn't enough to fool me. Why are you following us, dude? Is there another job opening on the island. 'Cause that would be awesome.

Knot Locke

One of my favourite items in my LOST collection is this knitted John Locke figure produced by the wife of a British LOST uber-fan in a very limited edition of 10.

Locke's sheathed knife is at his side.

I have #6 of 10.

A bonus figure is included in the package -- the Smoke Monster. Beautiful!

And to top it off, 5 pounds of chocolate. Or is that 5 shillings of chocolate?