Friday, June 8, 2012

LOST Tour: The Search is Over

During our day tour of Oahu's LOST locations with Hawaiian Escapades we caught a brief drive-by glimpse of a familiar vessel moored within one of Oahu's marinas.  When I set out on a walking tour of Honolulu the following day I meant to track her down -- Searcher, the boat on which Penny Widmore eventually made her way to The Island to rescue her beloved Desmond and his compatriots.

Though it was a little farther walk than I had imagined, my search finally ended at the Kewalo Basin Boat Harbour.

I suspect the bloke who owns this boat got a little more than he bargained for.  I wonder how many LOST fans have circled his vessel over the years, snapping photos and gazing in delight?  You can count me in their number, as I tried to get pics from every angle I could manage.






Although I thought Searcher was unoccupied during this photoshoot, near the end someone emerged from inside so I wrapped things up and set out on the long journey back to the hotel.  En route I stayed along the water as much as possible, again passed by Ala Moana beach park, then the yacht club, then weaved my way through Waikiki's strip of hotel beaches toward the Park Shore Hotel.

Thus marked the end of my third and final day visiting LOST locations:
Day1: An Oahu4 self-tour of a few locations in eastern Oahu, followed by a 2-hour KOS tour of Kualoa Ranch.
Day 2: A full-day tour with Hawaiian Escapades of locations throughout Oahu
Day 3: A solo tour of a few additional locations in Honolulu

Looking back, it was an incredible amount of excitement packed into 3 short days.  Thanks to my partners in crime LotteryTicket, Kiwilostie, and Scoutpost for a wonderfully memorable adventure.  At the risk of stating the obvious, WE HAVE TO GO BAAACK!  Hopefully we will meet up again in 2014 for LOST's 10-year anniversary celebration.



  1. Love reading these post. Brings back good memories. And we did go back in 2014. x

    1. We did indeed! And hopefully we will again!