Sunday, May 1, 2016

LOST 2014 Tour: Beach Camp

Police Beach is a pristine stretch of sand just off the Kamehameha highway on Oahu's North Shore.  It served as one of LOST's most-used outdoor locations -- the Oceanic 815 survivors' beach camp.

I've heard that some folks have had trouble finding the beach camp; luckily we had the inside scoop from Amy, a former Oahu resident -- turn left onto Papaiola Road from the highway, park, walk via the access corridor to the beach, then turn left and walk about 10 minutes to your destination.  Theoretically you can also park in the public lot near Puaena Beach then go right along the beach, but that is a much, much longer journey.

Police Beach was the must-see location for my second trip to Oahu, and it did not disappoint.  The sand is soft, the water clear,  and when we arrived there wasn't another soul in sight.

Police Beach

Almost hypnotized by the sights, I made my way across the hot sand and rocky outcrops.  The start of the beach camp is marked by a bush that extends out onto the beach.  Often it was used to dramatically reveal the return of one or more of the survivors.

Beach camp "reveal bush", far left, from the camp's POV

The camp itself covers an area about 200 feet wide by 80 feet deep.  A strand of trees growing nearly to the sand line provided shade for the characters (and the actors!)

Looking into the beach camp.

Another angle into the beach camp.

Looking out from the beach camp.


I believe Sawyer's tent was built against the large multi-trunk tree with the affixed white sign in the pictures above.  And if memory serves this is a close-up of the that tree.

Sawyer's tree (I think).

Several other key locations near the beach camp are the graveyard and the site of Eko's church.    I'm not certain where either of these were located, but this slightly overgrown area just adjacent to the beach camp may have been the graveyard.


Though the sun was hot I couldn't resist hiking further up the beach, the strains of Giacchino's epic music playing in my head.

Looking back at the beach camp

At the very end of this stretch of beach I happened upon several sunning sea turtles.  I recall these were mentioned in some of the DVD special features, and it was so cool to see them in person.


Later in the day, just before sundown, I returned to Police Beach to watch the sunset.

Waiting for the sun to fall.  (Photo: Ian)

As advertised, it was pretty spectacular.

Not long now.

Touch down!

I had high expectation for Police Beach -- it was at the top of my list of must-see LOST locations.  I'm happy to say that all of my expectations were met, and then some.

Pretty as a postcard.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

LOST 2014 Tour: The Beginning and the End

A short drive a little further down Nuuanu Pali Drive brought us to the area that marked the beginning and the end of LOST.  Jack, lying on the ground, surrounded by bamboo shoots angling skyward -- two iconic scenes that were (we think) filmed in the same location.

Most of our time was spent tramping through the dense bamboo, trying our best to divine the area where the scenes were shot.

Tramping through bamboo.

This was punctuated by several occasions where we lay on the ground and through our camera lenses tried to find an angle that matched Jack's POV.  This one is pretty close.

Searching for Jack's POV

Eventually we exited the forest into a clearing that MJ swore she recognized from one of the DVD special features that documented the filming.  On one side of the clearing, just at the forest's edge, was an area that we agreed MUST* be the precise spot. (*at least somewhat certainly)

Filming area, to the left of MJ. (Guaranteed!)

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Lost 2014 Tour: Judd Trail

Judd Trail is a footpath through a forested area just off Nuuanu Pali Drive about twenty minutes outside of Honolulu.  The area features stately trees, streams, and bamboo groves, all of which have appeared in various episodes of LOST.

Kate, Claire, and Rousseau recreate an abduction.  (from "Maternity Leave")
Forest along the Judd Trail.
Mr. Eko seeks the Smoke Monster
Forest area along the Judd Trail.
Claire with dramatic trees.  (from "Homecoming")
Dramatic trees along Judd Trail.
Jacob's Cabin.  (from "The Man Behind the Curtain")

The streams along Judd's Trial are also well represented on screen.

Locke and Boone just before they find the hatch.  (from "Deus Ex Machina")
Kate and Claire en route to The Arrow.  (from "Maternity Leave")
MJ searches for a screen match.
Young Ben searches for his (dead) Mother.  (from "The Man Behind the Curtain")
Ben finds Richard instead.  (from "The Man Behind the Curtain")
Stream crossing along the Judd Trail.
Mother leads Jacob and Man in Black to the light cave.  (from "Across the Sea")
Judd Trail stream.

On the far side of a second stream crossing the forest transforms into a very large bamboo grove.  This area was also used on LOST, for scenes with  Mother, Jacob, and MIB from "Across the Sea".

En route to the light cave.  (from "Across the Sea")
Path through bamboo, Judd Trail.
Jacob drags Man in Black to his fate.  (from "Across the Sea")
Judd Trail bamboo grove.
More MIB dragging.  (from "Across the Sea")
Judd Trail bamboo grove.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Lost 2014 Tour: Kapena Falls Down the Stairs

Kapena Falls is a cute little LOST location tucked in behind a cemetery just north of Honolulu.  MJ and I enjoyed our visit there in 2011, so we decided to return, this time with Chris in tow.

Along Nuuanu Stream.
The Dark Territory!
Banyan bordered pathway.
Chris checking out "Hurley's rock".
MJ peeking out from the fake cave entrance.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Lost 2014: Oahu by Air

On Tuesday morning Paul, Chris, MJ and myself took a taxi out to the Blue Hawaiian Helicopters facility located at the Honolulu airport.  Paul had been up in a chopper before, but for the rest of us this would be our first time.

Copters at the ready.
Loaded up and ready for the ride.
"What happens if I press this button?"
Although I was slightly trepidatious (mostly at the thought of getting airsick) the trip turned out to be smooth sailing and utterly spectacular.  The view of the island from the air was unbelievable.

Diamond Head.
Heading up the east coast.
Koko crater. 
Looking west towards to Koolau mountain range
Helicopter shadow.
Misty Mountains.

Just on the off-chance we didn't feel that the experience was magnificent enough, the island treated us to extra-special treat.

And just in case that still wasn't enough, we then proceeded to fly THROUGH the rainbow!

A battalion of wind turbines is a recent addition to the landscape.
Beautifully epic interior.
Farmland on the way back to Honolulu
What an experience!  Blue Hawaiian films each trip (a few shots inside the cockpit during liftoff followed by landscapes taken from a copter-mounted camera) so we purchased an SD card and shared the files.  Highly recommended for anyone who plans to visit Oahu!