Saturday, April 30, 2016

LOST 2014 Tour: The Beginning and the End

A short drive a little further down Nuuanu Pali Drive brought us to the area that marked the beginning and the end of LOST.  Jack, lying on the ground, surrounded by bamboo shoots angling skyward -- two iconic scenes that were (we think) filmed in the same location.

Most of our time was spent tramping through the dense bamboo, trying our best to divine the area where the scenes were shot.

Tramping through bamboo.

This was punctuated by several occasions where we lay on the ground and through our camera lenses tried to find an angle that matched Jack's POV.  This one is pretty close.

Searching for Jack's POV

Eventually we exited the forest into a clearing that MJ swore she recognized from one of the DVD special features that documented the filming.  On one side of the clearing, just at the forest's edge, was an area that we agreed MUST* be the precise spot. (*at least somewhat certainly)

Filming area, to the left of MJ. (Guaranteed!)