Tuesday, July 27, 2010

LOST prop: DHARMA shipping label

Here's another DHARMA-related item from LOST's prop department. I'm not sure if this made an on-screen appearance, but it is a cool keepsake regardless.

LOST prop: DHARMA symbol

DHARMA symbols are pretty ubiquitous these days, but the fact that this one comes directly from the LOST prop department in Hawaii gives it a little extra coolness, methinks.

Keeping LOST alive

I was at the National Art Gallery here in Ottawa over the weekend with my family and we took in the "Pop Art" exhibit which is here for a few months. One of the "exhibits" is a room bathed in black light and a collection of colourful chalk with which one can draw on the walls.

Among other things my daughter an Oceanic airlines symbol (yellow) and my son drew an eye (red).

I, with my abysmally poor drawing ability, decided just to have a little fun with The Numbers. Hopefully another LOST fan will see these and smile.

LOST prop: Sun's makeup tray

My third LOST prop purchase is this lovely makeup tray that can be seen in Sun's Korean apartment in the fourth season episode Ji Yeon.

Sun uses the tray seconds before she begins to experience the contractions that signal the imminent arrival of her baby girl.

I remember watching Ji Yeon and marvelling at the astonishing reveal at the end of the show -- the revelation that we had not been watching a post-Island flash forward involving both Jin and Sun, but instead were watching a FF of Ji Yeon's birth intercut with a flashback of Jin, in the employ of Mr. Paik, delivering a gift to a different new mother's hospital room. I also remember the shock of seeing Jin's grave and the implications thereof.

Seller Tina Lau has again provided a certificate identifying the episode in which the prop is seen along with a screenshot.

I hesitated for a few weeks before purchasing this prop. I'm glad I finally did -- it is a lovely piece on its own, made even more special by its association with the birth of Ji Yeon, and made even more emotional by the fate of her Mother and of the Father that she would never meet.

The prop department's blue tape is in full evidence on the bottom of the tray.

The setting sun (no pun intended) elicits a lovely golden glow across the top left corner of the tray.

Here are some screencaps from the scene in which the tray can be briefly seen:

Sun reaches for and takes her lipstick from the tray.

Sun begins to apply the lipstick then feels a sharp pain.

Sun drops her lipstick onto the tray.

Sun grabs for the fallen lipstick and steadies herself.

Cut to the reveal: Sun is in Korea and very pregnant!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Todd Slater's 'Ben Linus'

Todd Slater's portrait of Ben Linus was one of the prints I tried for but failed to buy due to a lightning fast sellout. In July of 2010 I won it in an eBay auction and feel quite fortunate to have finally obtained it for a very reasonable price.

This is a print which I liked initially and which I have grown to like even more over time.

Slater expertly captures the many facets of Ben: his creepiness, his arrested development, his sadness, his search for direction, his struggle between decency and evil.

The way in which Ben holds Bunny #8 demonstrates his emotional detachment. To him it is simply a means to an end.

This man had a quite a journey from Season 2 to Season 6. I'm glad to hear that we'll see a little bit more of Ben Linus in his role and vice-protector of The Island on the Season 6 DVD.

I'm not a huge fan of rabbits, but have to admit that this one looks pretty cute.

The print also features a barely-visible set of DHARMA station logos.

I have print #206 of 300. I believe the scribble on Ben's arm is the artist's signature.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ajira Airways Travel Safety Instructions

The other item I received from Ryan and Jen Ozawa is this quite funny Travel Safety Instruction sheet for Ajira Airways. I recall that something similar was part of the swag available at the reveal of DCAAPB's Ben Linus poster at Abe Lee Realty in Honolulu back in November 2009. (Ryan was on-the-scene for that reveal.) This sheet looks like a repro to promote the Sunset on the Beach premiere. By an uncanny coincidence I actually received my copy of Todd Slater's Ben Linus print the same day that I received this in the mail. Spooky!

Sunset on the Beach button

Well-known LOST fan Ryan Ozawa offered up a bit of LOST swag to those who donated to the Hawaiian Humane Society in memory of Nunu. I received three items, including two buttons from the big Sunset on the Beach season 6 premiere event in Hawaii. I didn't attend that event in person, but I did follow along via various video and twitter feeds.

Monday, July 19, 2010

DHARMA bottle opener

My final bonus goody is this DHARMA bottle opener. Nominally used as a means to liberate the cap from a DHARMA beer bottle, in a pinch it can also be used to pick the lock of a Haliburton or destroy a DHARMA time travel booth.

Disposable DHARMA cup

Another of the bonus goodies I received was a set of these disposable plastic DHARMA cups, perfect for a mid-70s hootenanny!

DHARMA coaster

I purchased a few items from one of the good folks who frequents lostargs.com; the purchase was related to a chartity auction with which he is involved. I was surprised and delighted to find some extra goodies in the package when it arrived. One of these was a set of 4 DHARMA coasters.

DHARMA shot glass

There's nothing better on a cool Island eve than a taste of rum from a DHARMA shot glass.

DHARMA pint glass

There's nothing better on a hot Island day than a cool lemonade from a DHARMA pint glass.

Richard Alpert Bobblehead

Richard's sexy natural eyeliner is expertly captured in his bobblehead.

Pierre Chang Bobblehead

Aside from the accurate likenesses, I also like that bobbleheads cover some of the supporting players who have not as yet been immortalized in plastic. Case in point -- Dr. Pierre Chang a.k.a. Dr. Edgar Halliwax.

Daniel Faraday Bobblehead

Generally speaking I'm not a huge fan of bobbleheads, but I must admit that I was quite impressed with the three initial figures put out by Bif Bang Pow! First up is everyone's favourite skinny-tied scientist, Daniel Faraday. I am embarrassed to admit that I didn't notice Eloise on his shoulder until I uploaded the photo!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

TeeFury shirt: Constant

This is fortified with eight different varieties of awesome. Can someone please make this movie? We can call it Back to the Island. Featuring the world's one and only DesLorean. OK, I'll stop now.

TeeFury shirt: Wrong Island

Here's a fun mashup by artist Julia Sonmi Heglund.

TeeFury shirt: Dude

How could I pass up this awesome T by jimiyo? In fact, I purchased a 2nd for my son and a 3rd for my daughter. That's awesome in 3-D.

TeeFury shirt: Polar Beer

teefury.com is a great site which offers a new T-shirt every 24 hours at very reasonable prices. They have issued several LOST-related shirts, a few of which I've picked up. First up is the very punny Polar Beer shirt designed by Ian Leino.

LOST fan pin

I was very saddened to learn in early June that Jorge & Bethany's dog Nunu was killed just as they were leaving Hawaii to return to the mainland. Nunu appeared in a Season 6 episode of LOST but had enamored herself to me (and others, I'm sure) with her guest spots on Jorge's blog Dispatches from the Island as well as Jorge & Bethany's Geronimo Jacksbeard podcast.

Ryan Ozawa, a LOST fan and resident of Hawaii, tweeted a link to which donations could be made to the Hawaiin Humane Society in Nunu's memory. I happily made a small donation.

Soon after Jo Garfein of jopinionated.com fame offered a LOST fan pin to those who made a donation. Little did I know that when Jo said "fan pin", she really meant "fan pin"!

DCAAPB T-shirt: Drive Shaft Tour Tee

I've always wanted a Drive Shaft T-shirt, and DCAAPB-2 finally forced my hand via this T designed by Marky of Glamour Kills.

DCAAPB T-shirt: Smoke

Of the eleven T-shirts created for DCAAPB-2, only one has sold out to date -- Smoke by Brandon Rike.