Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lost Auction: Charlie's Fire+Water costume

I'm a huge fan of Charlie Pace and had several of his props and costumes on my auction watch list. However, when prices started high and continued higher, I decided that my best bet to avoid spending four figures was to purchase one of his lower profile outfits. I ended up winning lot #260, his flashback costume from the episode Fire + Water. Charlie wears this outfit when he meets Liam's wife at the hospital following the birth of their daughter, and in a scene inside his swinging London bachelor pad.

A card was included in this lot which identifies the episode & scene in which the costume is needed, and which enumerates the various pieces that make up Charlie's full ensemble.

The COA was sent separately, arriving in December.

I like the colour and style of this T-shirt, and also think it is cool that it was worn during a time when Drive Shaft was still a band (if only for a few more days).

The T-shirt has highly-distressed edges. I'm assuming this was applied by LOST's costume department, unless Dominic Monaghan liked it so much that he wore it around Hawaii during his off-hours as well.

The crest below appears on the lower back of the shirt.

The pants are a size 28 blue jean, lightly worn, with some nice detail work throughout.

I didn't find any heroin in the jean pockets, but I did find a bit of Dominic Monaghan's lint. I wonder how much that would go for on eBay?

A long, knit green scarf completes the ensemble.

My son is only twelve but is tall for his age, so was able to serve as a model for the clothes.

Part-way through my son proclaimed that he had a great idea. I suspect this will be the only time I say "yes" to drugs.

While in character he thought it would be fun to play out a few other iconic Charlie moments.

Here are some stills which capture the outfit's appearances in this episode. (Some caps are from Lost Media Gallery)


  1. hahaha, the Sears model gig really paid off as a great prelude to modeling Charlie's costume! LOVE the iconic scene reinactments. It's just so great your kids are excited to be included in LOST activities. You really did well in obtaining the auctions pieces you did. Each is very memorable to the characters and scenes in which they appeared.

  2. What did you use for the heroin prop? Still cracking up over that one.

  3. Still had some heroin left over from college. (Either that or brown sugar from the pantry...)

  4. Hey Rob, three lots, WOW! Really nice! Thanks for posting this info, it's way more than PIH gave.

    Since you're a Trek fan, have you already heard about this?:

    Levar will come to your house/school/etc to read you a book if you win!

    I've heard that the COA's for the Lost props/costumes are arriving separately. Have you gotten yours yet?

  5. Hi Kharma,

    Thanks for the kind words. For me sharing info on the lots is both fun and a 'responsibility' of winning. Hopefully a few more auction winners will post; so far I think I've only seen those pages from Ben's journal.

    I did hear about LB, but I'm taking a bit of a breather from purchases to replenish the bank account.

    My COA hasn't arrived yet. Wonder which "ABC exec" is signing? Hopefully one of the core LOST producers, but I guess we'll see.

  6. Maybe the Exec is the ABC head that left the company recently, and that's why it's taking a while LOL!

    You can read about some other costumes and props in this thread:

  7. These are very cool and congrats on winning what you did. When the auction started i was devastated by how high the items were going for thinking i might not have a chance to win anything. I bit the bullet though and have no regrets on winning Dogens island costume as well as a swan station blacksmiths outfit. Two very recognizable pieces that I know ill cherish for the rest of my life.

  8. Hi Chrys, 'cherish' is the right word. Although the prices were steep, amortized over the next 60 years it amounts to only a few cents a day! Well worth the happiness these pieces bring. Cheers!