Sunday, April 8, 2012

Eat the Street, where LOST fans meet

Another highlight of our trip to Oahu was the opportunity to meet up with several fellow LOST fans who call the island home. One such hook-up occurred at Eat the Street, a massive collection of food vendors who gathered one afternoon in a parking lot in Honolulu.

Aside from a few spritzes of rain the weather was perfect, and a lovely bright rainbow lit up the Hawaiian skies.

Rainbows are swell, but the bigger delight of that day was the opportunity to meet and chat with fellow fans -- Ryan & Jen Ozawa (@hawaii and @mrshawaii) and their children along with @aohora and @KoreAmBear.
Photo below courtesy Ryan Ozawa

Ryan and Jen have always impressed me with their energy, enthusiasm, and positivity. It was no surprise that they have maintained that spirit through Jen's recent health issue.
Photo below courtesy @aohora

Delicious food, delightful fans, and a rainbow over Honolulu. I can't think of a better way to spend an afternoon on Oahu.

Friday, April 6, 2012

LOST Tour: The End (of our tour)

They say all good things must end, and so it was with our Hawaiian Escapades tour of LOST locations in Oahu. After checking out the Dharmaville cabins and peeking into the Assembly Hall, with our tour nearly over I continued on toward the beach behind Camp Erdman.

Looking inland I could see a few other buildings in DHARMA colours; I believe the rounded edifice on the left appeared with Kate and Juliet in season 5's Whatever Happened, Happened.

Similarly, a cluster of what look to be portable cabins appeared behind Sawyer and Miles in the same episode.

The beach behind Camp Erdman was used to film the sequence where Man In Black leads the remaining Others to the four-toed statue.

It was privy to the conversation between Ben and the Man In Black in that episode.

It also served witnessed to the look of weary disbelief on Ben's face after hearing from MIB that he was to kill Jacob.

I do believe the fantastic scene in which Ben and Kate share breakfast on the beach was also shot in behind Camp Erdman.

Finally, I'm not sure where the shot below from Catch-22 was filmed, but one of the pictures I took on the beach behind Camp Erdman reminded me of it.

I think I may have been the last one back in the van after our stop at Camp Erdman, but I'm glad I took the extra time to explore. Hundreds of pictures and dozens of blog posts bear witness to the fact that I and the rest of the Oahu4 had a spectacularly fantastic time on our Hawaiian Escapades day tour of the island.

And, although our "official" tours had ended, our adventure in Oahu had really only just begun.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

LOST Tour: Assembly Hall Interior

The interior of Camp Erdman's Assembly Hall was perhaps series' most versatile and oft-used on-location indoor set. Although false walls were erected and set dressing added, the hall's fireplace, white girder ceiling, and large, square tile flooring clearly expose its identity.

First a couple of pics from our tour. The first showcases the fireplace, the second I believe is the ocean side wall. (The ocean side exterior doubled as the DHARMA infirmary.)

Kate is confined to the New Otherton games room in season 3's The Man from Tallahassee and Left Behind.

Ben is later kept within the same room in season 4's The Economist.

We even get to see the games room back in DHARMA days during season 5's Lafleur. Of particular note is the addition of a classic 70s couch.

The Assembly Hall also became DHARMA's new recruit processing center, both for Ben and his Dad in The Man Behind the Curtain, as well as for Jack, Kate, and Hurley in Namasté. Also, the season 5 DVD special features show some behind-the-scenes action at this location.

The DHARMA classroom where Ben and Annie go to school in The Man Behind the Curtain is also shot at the Assembly Hall. The classroom makes a second appearance in Some Like it Hoth when drunk Roger Linus and Jack have a chat.

In He's Our You the hall stands in for DHARMA's cafeteria.

Even Pierre Chang has shot here! The scene where he attempts to film a DHARMA orientation video in Because You Left takes place right beside the fireplace.