Tuesday, August 30, 2011

LOST Tour: The Docks of Moli'i Fishpond

I wouldn't be surprised to see a glossy coffee table tome titled The Docks of Moli'i Fishpond appear in bookstores at some point in the future. Just in behind Mr. Eko's drug shack we found two docks but unfortunately neither of them seems to have made a LOST on-screen appearance.
Below photo courtesy @kiwilostie

Nevertheless we enjoyed spectacular views, both towards the water and looking back towards land from the dock.

We could see another dock in the distance but it is unclear whether it was featured on the show.

I don't recall seeing Chinaman's Hat while at Moli'i fishpond (though it is visible from some areas of the shore), but did manage to get a shot of it from the Hummer on the way back to Kualoa Ranch.

Although we didn't see them in person on our tour, let's still take a look at the dock-centric episodes of LOST, starting with D.O.C.

Jin made a similar, earlier visit to his father during season one's In Translation.

John Locke made the Galaga go boom in the sterling Season 3 ep The Man from Tallahassee. Due to the cover of darkness it is hard to confirm whether this was shot a Moli'i fishpond, but if I were a betting man I would guess that it was.

Juliet's first steps on The Island were seen in the Season 3 episode One of Us.

Ben and Man in Black return to The Barracks in Season 5's Dead is Dead.

Charles Widmore's banishment from The Island in the same episode was filmed at the same dock, slightly redressed.

Daniel Faraday returned to The Island by sub in 1977, as seen in The Variable.

The Season 6 episode Recon introduced a dock at Hydra Island, where Charles Widmore docked his submarine.

Desmond "The Package" Hume surely did not enjoy seeing this dock upon emerging from Widmore's sub.

The Candidate features the best LOST action scene set on and around a dock.

Perhaps the most famous dock used on LOST is in fact not located on Moki'i Fishpond; it is the Waikane Pier which is found a little further south along the coast. I did spot it from a distance as we drove along the highway but unfortunately didn't get a photo.