Tuesday, January 24, 2012

LOST Tour: Getting My Locke On

Before saying good-bye to the crash beach I got my Locke on with a pose that ended up being a mash-up between his sitting-on-the-beach look and his I-am-SO-in-tune-with-this-Island moment. With apologies to Terry O'Quinn...

For a man who just regained the use of his legs Locke sure did a lot of sitting around the first few days.

The crash beach, the penultimate stop on our tour with Hawaiian Escapades, was a highlight. Could the final location possibly top it?

LOST Tour: Crash Beach Repurposed

Although the Oceanic 815 survivors departed the crash beach mid-way through season 1, the same beach location reappeared several times during the series run.

Although in the show the tail section crashed on a different part of the Island far away from the main fuselage, in fact the same stretch of beach was used for both crash sites.

Mokule'ia Beach reappeared later in season 2 when Bernard tried to recruit fellow survivors to create an S.O.S. message in the sand.

In season 5's Follow the Leader Richard Alpert and The Others (great band name!) set up camp on the same stretch of real estate.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

LOST Tour: Crash Beach Hillside

A range of tree-covered hills backstops the crash beach. Their most memorable appearance is probably during the pilot when the Oceanic 815 survivors first hear the Smoke Monster. (A layer of CGI trees was added in the foreground.)

The beach is quite narrow. Farrington Highway stretches along most of its length, with the slopes stretching skyward from its inland shoulder.

This valley between two of the hills is also recognizable in a few shots.

Finally, this shot looking back on the beach from the water gives a wider view of the hills.

LOST Tour: Crash Beach Surf and Sand

Now friends I bring you to new heights of OCD-iastic pleasure as we explore the soft sand and warm turquoise waters that surround Oceanic 815's final resting place.

@Scoutpost managed to catch me in one of her shots; I think this was shortly after I dipped my hand in the ocean surf. (I *may* have imagined this, but I could have sworn I heard someone whisper "now you are like me" immediately afterward.)
Below photo courtesy @Scoutpost

As with other Island locations, the beach is almost a character in and of itself. Think back on all the tender moments and violent confrontations that occur on its shore. Remember all the comedy and drama that unfold in its waters.