Friday, August 26, 2011

LOST Tour: Byodo-In Temple

After visiting Lana'i Lookout and the area around the Makapu'u Trail Wednesday morning we drove on to the Byodo-In Temple. The temple is featured both in the scenes where Jin and Sun are engaged (House of the Rising Sun) and the scenes where they are later married (The Incident).
Below photo courtesy @kiwilostie

Once again we were treated to a visual feast, this time the perfect blend of man-made elegance and natural splendor.

What a perfect backdrop for Jin and Sun's special day.

I particularly love the look Jin and Sun gave me when they noticed I had crashed their wedding. I figured if Jacob can do it, why not me?

One slight disappointment -- the pond in front of the temple had been drained, perhaps for cleaning or repairs.

Fortunately there is another koi pond to the side of the temple.

Here are a couple of different views of the temple, angles that didn't appear on the show.

Detail of the roof. Apparently there is a large Buddha within the temple but I didn't venture inside to see.

The temple grounds are filled with lovely plants, trees and flowers; a pleasing mix of heights and colors.

There are gravestones in behind the temple. I found one of the names to be of particular interest. Didn't spot Paulo, though.

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