Saturday, November 15, 2014

Lost 2014 Tour: Waimea Falls

The second iconic LOST location within the Waimea Valley that we visited was Waimea Falls.  It was here that Sawyer and Kate found the marshall's Haliburton briefcase; here that Paulo liberated the diamonds he and Nikki stole from Howard Zuckerman; later (or, I should say, earlier) it was here that Jack, Kate and Hurley returned to The Island.

Approaching Waimea Falls.
Kate and Sawyer go for a dip ("Whatever the Case May Be")
LOST 2014 fans enjoy the water.
Nikki & Paulo search for their diamonds.  ("Exposé")
Jack rescuing Hurley.  ("316")
Waimea Falls, 2014.
Superfluous Kate & Sawyer shot. ("Whatever the Case May Be")
Hurley, Jack, and Kate return to 1977.  ("316")
Kate's rocky return.  ("316")
Paul as Kate.  (Photo: Ian)

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