Sunday, July 10, 2016

Lost 2014 Tour: Finale

On the way to airport I stopped off for a few minutes at Sacred Hearts Academy, a private all-girls school on Waialae Ave.  The school's entranceway and courtyard were used for exterior shots of the church where our awakened survivors (and Penny) gather before moving on.

In fact I had first stopped in the night before with fellow LOSTies on the way back into town from our cross-Island adventure.  Unfortunately when we arrived around 9pm the courtyard had already been locked (no pun intended).

Academy of Sacred Hearts at night.

Academy of Sacred Hearts, daytime.

Locke arrives at the church.

Ben waits outside the church.
Church exterior from the Sacred Hearts courtyard.

Ben looks on as Locke enters the church.

Based on the position of trees and the rotunda in the screen cap above I believe Ben sat at the centre table (the one further from the lens) in the photo below.

Ben's table (at the back).

Ben speaking with Locke (reverse angle)

A similar reverse angle at Sacred Hearts.

A great #1 and a good #2.

The same staircase used to enter the church, from a different angle.

Although one wing of Sacred Hearts served as the church exterior, the church interior was filmed just across the street within Saint Patrick church.  Several groups at LOST 2014 visited St. Patrick and at least one filmed a brilliant recreation of the LOST finale church scene there.  Unfortunately I missed the chance to see inside; on the bright side, one more reason to return.

Ben's not quite ready to move on.

I'm not quite ready to leave Hawaii.

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