Sunday, July 10, 2016

Lost 2014 Tour: Seoul Gateway Hotel

The Royal Garden at Waikiki is a Honolulu hotel which stood in for the Seoul Gateway Hotel in the season 2 episode "... And Found".  Jin is hired as a doorman at the hotel, but later resigns to protest his boss's treatment of a village boy and his Father.

The Royal Garden at Waikiki

The Royal Garden has a beautiful emerald exterior and, with a few strategically placed Oriental props, served nicely as a Korean high-end hotel. 

The Seoul Gateway Hotel, as it appears in "...And Found" 

Beautiful entrance to the Royal Garden at Waikiki

Doorman at the Seoul Gateway Hotel

Either the Royal Garden remodelled it front entrance after shooting took place, or the LOST prop department did another bang-up job.  In 2014 the Royal Garden has automatic doors instead of the pull-door, and the external vertical green pillars are nowhere to be found.

Wider shot of the Royal Garden entrance.

Jin at the door with the just-entered Sun over his shoulder.

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