Monday, August 2, 2010

'The Dharma Van' by Methane Studios

The third print released during the initial DCAAPB ARG was The Dharma Van by Methane Studios.

Although I decided not to purchase it at the time of its release, I've always liked the fine detail in this print and eventually succumbed to its charms, purchasing on eBay for an amount just slightly higher than its original price tag.

A main appeal of this print is the intricate craftsmanship visible throughout.

Hurley's hurtle down a hillside in a Dharma van from the episode Tricia Tanaka is Dead is one of my favourite LOST moments.

CU of the DHARMA symbol. The extra highlighted "5" was a source of mystery at the time. We've since learned that there was an intent at the start of the ARG to encode secret messages through misspellings and mistakes, but a few inadvertent errors led to it being abandoned. Perhaps the "5" was part of this discarded challenge.

The print also feature a bit of glitter paint and also glows under black light.

Apparently Methane Studios is known for their skulls, and if you look hard enough in this print you can see a brown skull just to the left of the Dharma symbol.

My print is #267 of 300.

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