Monday, March 14, 2011

LOST Auction: Hurley's Ajira 316 tickets

Many of the lots sold during last August's LOST official auction were composed of multiple items. Several of these lots were purchased by groups of fans who then split the winnings. Other multi-items lots were purchased by a single person who subsequently put some of the lot's items up for sale. The person who won lot 849 Hurley's Ajira Airways Flight 316 Tickets seems to have followed the latter path.

I picked up one of Hurley's Ajira 316 tickets from eBay. (The full lot seems to have included at least 20 of these tickets, along with a ticket envelope featuring the Ajira logo.)

It came with a copy of the LOST Auction COA:

As you will recall, in order to protect innocent civilians from the uncertain fate of flight 316, Hurley purchased all of the remaining unsold seats on the flight. He had to argue with an Ajira employee when they tried to allow standby passengers onto the flight to sit in his purchased, but unoccupied, seats.

As far as I can tell we don't actually see any of Hurley's tickets on-screen. However, there are a few fleeting glimpses of other Ajira tickets, including the back of Jack's ticket and the (fuzzy) front of Jack's boarding pass.

There is a cute little in-joke / easter egg printed on the back of the tickets -- philosophical meanderings which may be taken from a legitimate philosopher's works or may just be a pastiche prepared by someone involved with the Lost production.

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