Thursday, February 23, 2012

LOST Tour: Ben's Barracks Abode

Cabin 21 at Camp Erdman served as Ben Linus's home within The Barracks.

This profile view gives a better idea of how small the cabins are and how closely together they are packed. Once again the LOST crew did a wonderful job making the area seem grander on screen.

Sayid at the wrong end of a rifle barrel as he approaches Ben's (commandeered) home in The Economist.

Locke and Ben are playing those mind games together again in season 4' s Eggtown.

A night view of the cabin from Meet Kevin Johnson.

In the flashback to DHARMA days in the season 5 opener we learn that Pierre Chang occupied Ben's future home back in 1977.

In Some Like it Hoth we even see Dr. Chang reading to baby Miles in the home. I believe this is a composite shot with the exterior filmed at Camp Erdman and the interior filmed in-studio.

The season 5 bonus features include this shot of Chang standing on his porch.

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