Sunday, August 21, 2011

LOST Tour: Lana'i Lookout

At last it was time to explore The Island! The morning of July 27th we would self-tour in a rental car, while the afternoon would include a 2-hour KOS Hummer Tour of the Kualoa Ranch. Our first stop of the day was Lana'i Lookout, a short drive outside of Honolulu along the southeast coast. (We actually returned to the same location the following day with our Hawaiian Escapades tour as well.)

I had originally planned to try to match up some of the photos we took that day with screenshots from episodes shot at the location. Then I discovered the LOST Virtual Tour site which already covers the same ground (literally) but with greater breadth of coverage. Given that, and given that it was taking a hell of a long time to finish my first post, I decided to scale down my ambition a bit.

This view from near the top of the lookout covers an often-used region; a shot from season 2's Abandoned provides a similar view.

The interesting look of the eroded rocks adds visual attraction, showcased in several episodes including Live Together, Die Along and The Incident. The LOST team seems to have used filters and/or post-production color timing to alter the look, particularly in LTDA.

Sometimes it is difficult to tell exactly where some of the sequences were filmed, but this large mass of black rock near the water helps with orientation.

Kelvin meets his end somewhere in behind the black rock. (Well, not THE Black Rock, but you know what I mean.)

Looking inland from the rocks, Koko Crater dominates the landscape. It can be seen in Abandoned and also in The End during Jack's uber-awesome Pokemon-worthy death-leap.

The southward view is amazing. The sound of the wind and the waves crashing against the rock adds to the effect. This angle has been often seen in the series including Abandoned, One of Us, and Live Together, Die Alone.

The rocky area which touches the water has also been featured in several episodes including One of Us and The Incident.

Looking northward along the coast we could see an inlet that also appeared in Live Together, Die Alone.

As I made my way back to the parking lot I think I managed a serendipitous shot of the precise area that Ben, Jack, and Hurley walked past in The End, right after Jack & Kate killed the Man in Black. (That whole sequence seems to be a mix of shots from Lana'i Lookout and a different coastal location.)

Next we drove further up the coast in search of additional LOST magic at the Makapuu Lookout.


  1. It must have been sooooo amazing to be in the location of so many iconic scenes.

  2. I'm loving these posts -- getting to live the SDCC/Hawaii experience vicariously. This really makes me want to go to Hawaii and see the shooting locations! And it makes me sad all over again that the show is over. . .