Sunday, April 8, 2012

Eat the Street, where LOST fans meet

Another highlight of our trip to Oahu was the opportunity to meet up with several fellow LOST fans who call the island home. One such hook-up occurred at Eat the Street, a massive collection of food vendors who gathered one afternoon in a parking lot in Honolulu.

Aside from a few spritzes of rain the weather was perfect, and a lovely bright rainbow lit up the Hawaiian skies.

Rainbows are swell, but the bigger delight of that day was the opportunity to meet and chat with fellow fans -- Ryan & Jen Ozawa (@hawaii and @mrshawaii) and their children along with @aohora and @KoreAmBear.
Photo below courtesy Ryan Ozawa

Ryan and Jen have always impressed me with their energy, enthusiasm, and positivity. It was no surprise that they have maintained that spirit through Jen's recent health issue.
Photo below courtesy @aohora

Delicious food, delightful fans, and a rainbow over Honolulu. I can't think of a better way to spend an afternoon on Oahu.

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