Sunday, June 24, 2012

List of my favourite David Lynch films

David Lynch is one of my favourite film-makers.  Hopefully he will find the money and motivation to transfer his thoughts to film a few more times.  Until then, here is my ranked list of Lynch's feature films.

1. Eraserhead
A unique experience, a total-body transfer to another plane of existence with gorgeous black-and-white photography and immersive sound.

2. Elephant Man
Beautiful black-and-white images paired with heart-breaking emotion.

3. Lost Highway
Perhaps Lynch's most under-rated film.  A creepy, moody mind-screw.

4. Mulholland Drive
Mostly wonderful, slightly weakened structurally by the fact that it began life as a pilot for a TV series.

5. Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me
Less than the best moments of the series but still a powerful tale of evil lurking in the northwest.

6. Blue Velvet
I haven't watched this is a while and I'm almost afraid to.  Dennis Hopper's performance is the stuff of dreams -- very bad dreams.

7. The Straight Story
A quiet but strong film with powerful Lynchian brushstrokes.

8. Inland Empire
A bit scattered and dense but it still has a lot to offer for those willing to make the effort.

9. Dune
An interesting failure with some strong production design.

10. Wild At Heart
I like my Lynch slow and sumptuous; this is Lynch at his most frenetic.

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