Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Lost 2014 Tour: Judd Trail

Judd Trail is a footpath through a forested area just off Nuuanu Pali Drive about twenty minutes outside of Honolulu.  The area features stately trees, streams, and bamboo groves, all of which have appeared in various episodes of LOST.

Kate, Claire, and Rousseau recreate an abduction.  (from "Maternity Leave")
Forest along the Judd Trail.
Mr. Eko seeks the Smoke Monster
Forest area along the Judd Trail.
Claire with dramatic trees.  (from "Homecoming")
Dramatic trees along Judd Trail.
Jacob's Cabin.  (from "The Man Behind the Curtain")

The streams along Judd's Trial are also well represented on screen.

Locke and Boone just before they find the hatch.  (from "Deus Ex Machina")
Kate and Claire en route to The Arrow.  (from "Maternity Leave")
MJ searches for a screen match.
Young Ben searches for his (dead) Mother.  (from "The Man Behind the Curtain")
Ben finds Richard instead.  (from "The Man Behind the Curtain")
Stream crossing along the Judd Trail.
Mother leads Jacob and Man in Black to the light cave.  (from "Across the Sea")
Judd Trail stream.

On the far side of a second stream crossing the forest transforms into a very large bamboo grove.  This area was also used on LOST, for scenes with  Mother, Jacob, and MIB from "Across the Sea".

En route to the light cave.  (from "Across the Sea")
Path through bamboo, Judd Trail.
Jacob drags Man in Black to his fate.  (from "Across the Sea")
Judd Trail bamboo grove.
More MIB dragging.  (from "Across the Sea")
Judd Trail bamboo grove.

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