Saturday, October 24, 2009

'The Smoke Monster' by Ken Taylor

The second Lost poster I purchased was 'The Smoke Monster' by Ken Taylor. It depicts a stand-off between Smokey and one of my favourite Oceanic 815 survivors, Mr. Eko. This is my 3rd-favourite print of the series to date.

Whereas 'The Crash' looks fantastic from any distance, from any angle, and via any medium, the power of 'The Smoke Monster' seems substantially greater in-person and up-close. The rich detail of the vegetation, the trees, and Smokey (him/her/it)self really shines, as does the large, full moon (sun?) that casts an eerie glow on the confrontation.

Here is a photo of my print. For the photo I enhanced the moon's glow with a small LED light shone onto the print. (You can see a slight glare from this in the middle left.)

For most of these posters, the first order number receives print #101, the 2nd receives #102, etc. However, although I had the 20th (-ish) order, I received print #207. This was a little disappointing, but made up for by the fact that 'The Smoke Monster' looked even better in person than it had on the DCAAPB website. Here's a shot of my print number and artist signature. It also highlights some of the sparkly gold paint which enhances portions of the print.

One other bonus with this print is that its colour scheme goes very well with the room in which it is now hung. In particular I have a red carpet of almost the same hue, my speakers and desk are both rosenut, and there is deep red trim on the walls (see top of pic below). Here's looking at you, Smokey!

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  1. Nice commentary! I hope you are as pleased with your Smokey as I am with mine. It really does need to be seen up close and in person.