Friday, October 2, 2009

'The Crash' by Eric Tan

So Lost's powers that be have rounded up a group of prominent artists to create a set of 16 Lost posters. Each week, starting a few weeks back, a new poster is unveiled. Prior to the unveiling, there are a set of clues provided which hint at the time and place where the URL for the next poster will be revealed. Shortly after the URL reveal, the poster goes on sale. See for the set of posters available to date.

Part of the fun is guessing the location at which the next URL will be given. So far the URL has appeared on a Dharma skateboard at a cupcake store, on bookmarks at a university library in Texas, and on a bass guitar played at a Fall Out Boy concert, among others. Also fun is trying to be one of the first to purchase a poster once it goes on sale.

My favourite print so far is 'The Crash' by Eric Tan. Here are a few pics of my copy.

I love pretty much everything about this poster, though at first I wasn't too keen on the colour palette. But in reading the artist's blog, I learned that he used the colours in the Oceanic Airways logo as his palette. Which is pretty cool. The composition and the slightly charicaturized likenesses are great.

I have print #162 of 300. The first 100 were not made available for sale to the general public. I suspect Damon & Carlton and some of the other Lost folks get dibs on the first hundred.

The poster now has a venerable position atop my Lost shrine.

These posters will be great ways to remember Lost once it completes its series run in May 2010.

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