Monday, March 15, 2010

'The Exit' by Justin Sena

Justin Sena is an artist and LOST fan who recently started creating silkscreen poster art in a style similar to that of the DCAAPB series. He also started a site in December 2009 from which he sells his LOST prints as well as work from a series of "guest artists".

Justin's first poster is entitled System Failure and features an airplane flying over an island. I liked the poster, though not enough to purchase it.

Justin's second print is entitled The Exit, and this one immediately piqued my interest. It is a striking visualization of the portal between The Island and the Tunisian desert that is used Ben in season 4 and Locke in season 5. I really like Justin's colour choices, and most of all love the way that the image encapsulates one of the most fantastic plot points in the series. Also this print covers an important aspect of seasons 4 and 5, seasons which DCAAPB for the most part ignored.

Each half of the poster on its own is impressive, and their power is amplified when juxtaposed one against the other.

I have print #24 of 77. (Hey, I just realized that 77 may have been chosen due to much of Season 5 taking place in 1977. Cool.)

Here's the poster (simply) framed and hung.

As you can see, The Exit has taken its place right beside some of my DCAAPB posters, and I must say it looks right at home there! Nice job, Justin, I'm looking forward to your next poster reveal!

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