Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I have never been to The Island, nor have I been to Oahu. However, I am just back from vacation in southern climes, and while there attempted to take a few faux-LOST photos.

For your viewing pleasure, my FLOST portfolio:

Above: Arriving at the beach camp. Nobody was around on this day, so I set off through the jungle to find them.

Above: Trekking through the jungle. Fortunately the 815 survivors had laid down a path and put up safety ropes. Very thoughtful -- must have been Hurley's idea.

Above: Along the rocky shoreline where The Elizabeth washed up on the Island.

Above: Heading through dark passages on the way to The Temple.

Above: Arrived at The Temple! Why is it so quiet around here? And what's with this black soot covering everything?

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