Friday, September 9, 2011

LOST Tour: Jughead

Our next stop on the KOS Tour of Kualoa Ranch was special because it involved a custom-built prop that had been left in its original filming location. Although the bomb is no longer present (duh, it exploded in 1977), the wood structure that held it remains exactly as it appeared in the season 5 episode Jughead.
Below photo courtesy @Lottery_Ticket

The Jughead cradle stands alone in the middle of a clearing that is surrounded on three sides by brush and low trees. During filming it seems to have either been a bit drier than it was during our visit, or perhaps the set dressers gave it a more "stomped on" look for filming.

The show tended to use an angle which showcased the mountainside and the open water in the distance. Here are a few other angles.

These two views are separated by 56 years and a universe of imagination.

The rods which helped secure Jughead are still visible.

The Jughead site is actually visible from the logs where Ana Lucia attacked Goodwin, providing a wider perspective on the clearing, the mountainside, and the brush from which Sawyer and Juliet emerge.

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