Friday, September 2, 2011

LOST Tour: Tempest Station

No LOST Tour would be complete without a visit to a DHARMA station. The first stop of our tour within Kualoa Ranch proper was Cooper Battery, a remnant of World War II that served as the entrance to the Tempest Station.
Below photo courtesy @kiwilostie

The LOST crew did a nice job disguising the dirt road that passes by the entrance.

Some of the interior of Cooper Battery also made an onscreen appearance. Further inside are a few rooms which now house artifacts related to some of the movies and TV shows that have shot in the Kualoa Valley. We'll take a closer look at one of these in a subsequent post.
Below photo courtesy @kiwilostie

Here's a view taken from just outside the entryway, looking back toward the ocean. Note the tree in the upper right, which is also visible as Juliet enters the station.

There are a few scenes with Jack, Kate, Juliet, and Charlotte outside the station but other than a quick shot of Juliet and Charlotte exiting it looks like they were filmed at a different location which featured somewhat more cinematic flora.

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