Wednesday, December 21, 2011

LOST Tour: Richard Alpert's Tree of Life

Another of our drive-by LOST sightings was the tree at which Richard Alpert buried his wife's pendant in the 1860s, and under which he encountered Isabella's spirit in 2007.
Below photo courtesy @Lottery_Ticket

The area has a very interesting and unusual look as seen from the road. It seems to be a combination of the tree's scale relative to its neighbours and the vividly green vegetation that surrounds it.

I remember thinking the tree looked fake when I first watched Ab Aeterno. I guess this is another example (the London scene with Widmore and Sun also comes to mind) where reality seems unreal.

I didn't fully catch it on first viewing, but I believe these two shots are meant to capture the same location separated by 140 years. Presumably the little 1860's sapling grows into the majestic 21st century tree.

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