Saturday, December 10, 2011

LOST Tour: Man of Science, Men of Faith

Just before heading to the North Shore, let's visit one more downtown Honolulu LOST location -- St. Andrew's Priory, home to the Cathedral Church of St. Andrew.

This area was used on several occasions, representing several different locations. It first made an appearance in the first Charlie-centric episode, The Moth, from season 1.

I missed the opportunity to visit the Church interior, which I believe was used for this scene with Charlie and Liam.

St. Andrew's re-appeared briefly in the Eko-centeric episode ?.

In season 3's Catch-22, St. Andrew's transformed into the monastery at which Desmond attempted to become a man of God. Notably, it served as the backdrop for Desmond's first meeting with Penny.

St. Andrew's stands-in for Oxford University during Desmond's search for Daniel Faraday in the season 4 stand-out The Constant.

Des returns to Oxford looking for answers in season 5's Jughead.

St. Andrew's makes a final appearance during Faraday's graduation ceremony in The Variable.

You haven't been planked 'till you're planked Kiwi-style.

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