Sunday, January 10, 2010

More from Tyler Stout's 'LOST'

In an earlier post I covered the main character portraits present in Tyler Stout's LOST. This article will cover the remaining images present on the poster.

An airplane, presumably Oceanic 815, flying over the island -- intact. Possibly a season 6 spoiler?

Hieroglyphics floating in the clouds above the island, the same as those seen on The Swan's 108-minute countdown timer.

A sparkly grey Smokey shows up in multiple places on the poster. Perhaps we'll be seeing a lot more of it in season 6.

The 4-toed statue makes an appearance. The four toes are clearly shown -- Mr. Munn are you taking notes? :-)

A Virgin Mary statue, linking the lives of Charlie Pace and Mr. Eko. One of the many connections to religion/faith on the show.

A distraught Sayid carrying Shannon after Ana Lucia's lethal shot. The Sayid/Shannon romance seemed a little forced to me, but nevertheless a striking image from a moving episode.

Hurley driving the Dharma van he found in the jungle, abandoned after the cold-blooded murder of Roger Linus by his son, Ben. Hurley and Charlie's ride down the hill is one of my favourite Lost scenes.

Either Desmond dragging the lifeless body of Kelvin after his accidental death, or Kelvin dragging Desmond off the beach following the shipwreck of the Elizabeth.

Sawyer, Jin, Michael and Walt on the raft. The raft launch was another great moment on the show.

The mysterious group who "greet" Sawyer and Michael when they wash up on shore after Walt's abduction. First presumed to be Others, later found to be survivors of Oceanic 815's tail section. Above them looks to be an island grave. Perhaps Libby's or Eko's?

Jack amidst Oceanic 815 wreckage.

An island polar bear keeping an eye on the crash site.

Another crash site observer. I believe the consensus is that this is Richard. (Alpert, not Hatch.) The other possibility would be an as-yet-unseen character from season 6.

The infamous hatch. The main mystery lever for the back end of season 1. I watched that season for the first time on DVD during the course of a couple of weeks, so wasn't bothered by the drawn-out hatch reveal. I can see how it might have been frustrating during the initial television run, though.

Dharma patches line the bottom of the poster.

And finally a shout-out to Alvar Hanso, Dharma Initiative benefactor.

I've hung the LOST poster on the wall in front of my desk, and I find my eye constantly returning to the potpurri of characters and scenes captured within. It may not be fine French cuisine, but it is a very satisfying buffet for those hungering for a generous helping of Lost.

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  1. It was driving me nuts, so I double-checked Live Together, Die Alone and am now 99% sure it is Kelvin dragging Desmond. The image on the poster is almost identical to a screenshot from the episode at time 33:32. Thanks @maven and @ObFuSc8 for pointing this out to me.