Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Substitute, a tale of danger and delight

I failed in my attempt to purchase Daniel Danger's "And that's why my hand was shaking. Because this is not a man you go and see, this is a man who summons you.", also known as Jacob's Cabin (which I'll further shorten below to simply JC). By the time I had struggled to the final checkout page the 200ish copies available had sold out. During the course of The Lost Underground Art Project this was my first experience where I had failed in an attempt to buy a poster. It was not a good feeling!

Not long afterward, Mr. Danger made a few of his other works available at his online store. My eye was initially caught by a work titled “has thou slain the jabberwock?”, which had an eerie woodland vibe similar to JC. However, I was a little slow off the mark and found that print sold out before I could purchase it. I then tried for a print called "...please don't worry. when i wake up i'll be something new." The third time was the charm.

"...please don't worry. when i wake up i'll be something new." seems to be a bit of a signature work for Danger. This was actually the 6th edition of the print. Apparently it holds special meaning to DD, and he has stated that he will periodically re-release new editions throughout his career at its original price of $35. It certainly is a beautiful print, delicate and magical. I decided that it would make a lovely Christmas gift for my daughter, who is six and half years old.

Danger has fantastic tree technique, as one can see in the detail view above.

The verbose and grammatically adventurous title is a Danger trademark.

I'm not 100% sure if I have #101 or #161, but my money is on #101.

I spent a few days searching for a frame without much luck, for the most part due to the print's odd size. I decided to bite the bullet and take it to Michael's for a custom frame job. I must say that I'm quite happy with the result.

It is a black metal frame with a beaded, brushed silver edge, along with a black mat. The silver nicely brings out some of the shimmer of the water.

Hanging in my daughter's room.

Several months on, the sting of missing out on Jacob's Cabin is starting to fade. It certainly helps to have another of the supremely talent Daniel Danger's works here to gaze at in wonder and joy.

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