Saturday, January 9, 2010

Tyler Stout's LOST portraits

Tyler Stout's LOST, the Lost Underground Project's sixteenth and final poster, is filled to the brim with Lost characters and various scenes and symbols from the first three seasons of Lost. This article will take a closer look at each of the main character studies that appear in the print.

Dr. Jack Shephard, looking a little the worse-for-wear. Maybe this is intended to represent Jack during his bout with appendicitis near the end of season 4.

A super-hot Kate Austen. Kate looks fantastic here, though it seems like she may have found a cache of Dharma collagen on the island. Or perhaps received a lip transplant from Ilana.

James "Sawyer" Ford, his roguish charms intact, but do I detect a hint of responsibility in his eyes?

John Locke. I see a bit of MIB in this portrait, alongside a man coming to the realization that he may just be an expendable pawn after all...

Hugo "Hurley" Reyes. Funny, sweet, loyal, honest. What role will he play in the confrontation between light and dark?

Jin and Sun, looking very Season 1. Nice character work here, especially Sun whose growing defiance of her husband is all too clear.

Sayid Jarrah. This is one of the best likenesses on the poster. Especially the chest hair.

Daniel Faraday and Desmond Hume. Their lives intertwined in time and space.

Walt, his father Michael, and his faithful companion Vincent. Nice work on these. Although Michael's work seems to be done, it would be nice to see all three, if only briefly, in season 6.

Ah, Juliet. Stout does a nice job of capturing her quirky beauty here.

Charlie, Claire, and baby Aaron. I can certainly see Charlie & Claire here, though these may be slightly less successful than others in the print. Still, amazing to see how Stout communicates so much with so little.

The classic (only?) Ana-Lucia look.

Ah, Shannon and Boone. Two characters in search of an engaging plotline. Perhaps they will finally find one in season 6.

Benjamin Linus. One of the good guys. Not a bad likeness, though I'm seeing a bit of Brent Spiner's Data here as well.

And finally Mr. Eko. He died too young. RIP.