Monday, May 3, 2010

Dharma Beer Koozie

Back in January I won a Dharma beer koozie in one of Erika Olson's monthly giveaway contests. A few days later I won a Locke Lives T-shirt in a separate contest put on by Erika and DarkUFO. My lucky streak ended there, however -- the shirt arrived in the mail a few days later but the koozie did not arrive. No doubt the MIB was involved in the MIA koozie. Either that or a postal employee saw the word 'beer' on the package and brought it home for the weekend. I let Erika know that the koozie didn't arrive. She was sympathetic but noted that she had just sent out the last of them. I was happy enough with the T-shirt, so moved forward with an expectation of koozielessness. (Not a word, Mr. Spellcheck? REALLY?)

In early April I received an email from Erika. She had uncovered a few more koozies and offered to send one if mine had still not arrived. It hadn't so I gratefully accepted her offer. As a bonus, when it arrived it included a note from Erika written on stationary she purchased while at the Sunset on the Beach LOST season 6 premiere event in Hawaii earlier this year.

Thank you Erika for remembering me and giving me a 2nd chance. The koozie will be put to good use during the LOST finale in a few weeks.

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