Saturday, May 15, 2010

A closer look at Candidates

Branden Otto's Candidates print features a series of wonderful portraits of characters from LOST.

The centerpiece of the print is a fantastic depiction of Smocke, probably my favourite capture of TOQ to date.

Ben is all about asymmetry, which is reflected well here. Likeness is a little off, but not bad.

Wise-cracking Miles Straume. Too bad he's had so little to do in Season 6. It will be interesting to find out what he, Richard, and Ben have been up to since parting ways with Jack's team.

Sad, longing Sun. Hasn't been re-united with Jin yet.

One of my favourites on the poster. Love how Kate is all Ms. 45. Lots of energy.

Good likeness of Hurley.

I very much like the Jack portrait. Reminds me of his "I was stupid enough to think The Island could save me" moment.

Pretty good Jin.

Sawyer in anguish. Plenty of emotion projecting from this portrait.

I like how the artist has captured Zombie Sayid's state of mind here.

Another of my favs from this poster. I can see the 140 years of Island living captured in his face.

I like the work done on creepy Claire too.

Widmore's arrogance, strength, and anticipation is nicely captured.

The body language of MIB and Jacob are neatly captured. The just-aired "Across the Sea" sure adds a new perspective to that scene in "The Incident" where we were first introduced.

For completeness, the candidate names/numbers captured in the print. I haven't checked myself but assume that these match what we saw in the cave.

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