Friday, May 7, 2010

Lost diptych by Branden Otto

Branden Otto released a fantastic pair of matched Lost prints in early 2010 -- Candidates and Just Progress.

Candidates was released first, shortly after the Season 6 reveal of names on the ceiling of Jacob's cave. It features a series of portraits of characters central to the Season 6 arc. I particularly like Flocke, Kate, Richard, Widmore, and Sayid. Creepy Claire is rendered well. Nice composition on this print too, with Man In Black and Jacob in the top third of the piece lording over our all-too-human cast of characters slogging it out below.

I was very excited to realize that I am the only person on the planet to have TWO of The Numbers in their edition number -- four and eight! Thanks Branden for that extra bonus!

Following the release of Candidates Branden announced that it was actually the first of a diptych. I of course ordered the follow-up print, Just Progress, when it was available. It again features some fine work, especially Desmond, Charlie, Frank, Ilana, and Daniel. Branden was good enough to provide matching print numbers to those who ordered both.

I found sandy-gold frames at Michael's which (hopefully) complement the art fairly well.

I have Branden's work up beside my copy of Tyler Stout's piece from the Lost Underground Art Project. Together they form an awesome gallery of Lost character art.

A few more copies of Just Progress are still available here.

I also plan a couple of follow-up posts taking a closer look at these two prints.


  1. hey Rob! I have this art also. What I love about them are the great conversations each generate from visitors. The Stout covers through Season 3 ish and Otto's Season 6. They look great together.

  2. Me three, happy to be proud owner of set as well! I have to agree with both you and Lottery Ticket that the diptych looks fantastic in grouping with the Stout print. Nice choice on framing too!