Saturday, September 11, 2010

LOST auction: Juliet's S3 Beach Camp Shirt

The second item from lot #440 is a solid blue shirt that Juliet wore a little later in season 3. It appears briefly in Catch-22 and with somewhat more screen-time in the following episode, D.O.C. It is also worn in the mobisode titled Operation: Sleeper. For some reason I remember this shirt more vividly than the other, and at least initially this one gave me a much stronger Juliet vibe.

Once again J's name is inked onto the shirt's label.

I was delightfully surprised to find this small bit of tape fastened to the inside edge of the shirt's inner border. My guess is that this was used to secure Elizabeth Mitchell's microphone during some of her scenes. Little things like this really add to the coolness of the piece.

Whereas Juliet's striped shirt was more or less pristine, this shirt is noticeably distressed with several dirt stains and various small tears in the fabric. I'm not sure how many of these were intentionally introduced by the costume department, and which were gained honestly on the job.

This time the accompanying photo includes the right shirt and identifies one of the correct episodes in which it appeared.

Juliet was wearing this shirt during a fireside meal with Jack, while flirting with our tattooed hero at the beach camp, and during the trip she and Sun made to the Staff station to check the age of Sun's baby.

from Catch-22:

from D.O.C.:

from Mobisode Operation: Sleeper:

This shirt is featured on card 37 of the LOST season 3 trading cards from Inkworks.

The official LOST magazine also contained a pictures with Liz Mitchell wearing the shirt which doesn't appear to be part of the official prom pictures.


  1. Once again, the screen caps of the shirt make it even more special!

  2. I'm squealing in delight! Fantastic post!