Saturday, September 11, 2010

LOST Auction: Juliet's S3 Hydra Island Shirt

I participated in the recent LOST auction online and was fortunate to come away with 3 fantastic lots. The first of these is lot #440, described in the auction catalog as: Pair of Juliet's shirts from Season Three: one blue striped long-sleeve shirt worn in the episode, "I Do," and one white/blue/green striped shirt worn in the episode, "Catch-22".

After making the purchase I did some further research and realized that this lot had been mislabeled. Fortunately for me the reality is cooler than what was advertised. The "white/blue/green striped shirt" is actually featured in three episodes -- The Glass Ballerina, Not In Portland (Juliet's first centric episode), and the season 3 classic Stranger in a Strange Land. It appears in several key scenes including the Sawyer's runway rebellion, the shooting of Pickett, the subsequent escape of Sawyer, Kate, Alex, and Karl from Hydra Island, an interlude with Jack as Ben lies waiting for spinal surgery, and Juliet's trial. It is also worn in the mobisode titled Room 23.

Along with Kate, Juliet is my favourite female character (top spot changes on any given day) and it is a thrill to have this shirt in my collection.

If you look closely you'll see Juliet's name written on the inside collar.

This lot also came with a couple of reference photos for the two shirts, probably used for continuity. Although the shirt in the photo below looks a bit like the one that was sold, a closer examination exposes the fact that it is different.

Here follows a few screencaps and promo pics of the shirt in action. (Some of the screencaps are from Lost Media Gallery)

from The Glass Ballerina:

from Not In Portland:

from Stranger In a Strange Land:

from the mobisode Room 23:

The shirt also appears on card #59 of the Rittenhouse LOST Seasons 1 Thru 5 trading card set.


  1. So happy and excited for you! This is just so wonderful.

  2. It has so much more meaning with all those screen caps of it in action!!!

  3. Very cool. Great costume posts.