Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ben Linus Mego

The Ben Linus figure may just be the best of the first wave of six LOST "Megos" from Bif Bang Pow! A good head sculpt, fun costume, and the inclusion of Ben's iconic facial lacerations make this a winner.

BBP did a wonderful job capturing Ben's facial structure, features, and creepy bugged-out eyes.

Ben's profile isn't quite as recognizable, but looks great nonetheless. The pics below showcases the (mostly-successful) stubble applied to several of the men as well as the highlights in Ben's hair which makes for a more realistic look.

Ben's clothes are those that he wore in the Season 2 finale Live Together, Die Alone. I can see why this costume was chosen -- it is visually attractive and provides the line with a bit of variety -- but it isn't necessarily the outfit I think of when I think of Ben. The great thing about this style of doll is that one can customize by redressing characters with one of the hundreds of other outfits available. Perhaps I'll have Ben join Starfleet -- that would be interesting! Regardless, BBP does a fine job with the clothes including various points of distress.

Despite some trepidation based on the prototype photos, I must say that I'm very happy with this figure. Rating: A

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