Sunday, January 30, 2011

Kate Austen Mego

Oh, Katerine Anne Austen, why do you cause such grief? After a very strong start with the Ben and Hurley figures, we unfortunately dial it down a notch for our favourite fugitive.

Kate's outfit reflects her typically jungle ware -- earth-tone cargo pants, white tank top, and brown footwear. The costume is OK but nothing special. The figure's legs seem out-of-proportion with the torso. The range of motion of the arms is more limited than her male counterparts. My figure also has a problem with her right arm which is a little "high strung".

I find the facial sculpt reasonably well done. The lips are a little too pursed, the eyes a tad too intense, but otherwise a nice job. For the record, I like the freckles. The molded hair looks fine, but BBP should have left a bit more clearance between the hair and shoulder to avoid interference with head and arm motion. The join between head and body is a bit awkward, and there is a noticeable colour mismatch between head and body.

About 30 minutes into our photo-shoot Ms. Austen started looking a little distracted and nervous.

Then she turned, shouted out, "I have to run!" and bolted out a side door. Some things never change. Grade: C

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