Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hugo Reyes Mego

I think every line of LOST figures thus far has featured Hurley, and Bif Bang Pow! includes him in their first wave as well.

BBP decided to go with padding to replicate Hurley's girth, and though not ideal it is more than adequate in my book.

The fidelity of the face sculpt isn't quite at the same level as the Ben Linus figure, especially around the mouth, but a decent amount of Hurley has made it in.

"Ah, Dave, I think you forgot something..."

"Jacob, this ankh is really, you know, awesome, but are you sure I'm the best guy to take care of it? I can be a little clumsy...."

"Ah, crap."

If you can get past the padding, this is quite a fun take on Hugo. Grade: B+

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