Saturday, October 8, 2011

LOST Tour: Kapena Falls

Our first real immersion into hardcore Island foliage occurred during our visit to the Kapena Falls. The trails here have seen many footsteps, including those of several candidates.
A narrow stream meanders through the forest, every so often encountering a small drop. In the season 1 finale Jack, Hurley, Arzt et. al. crossed the water here on their way to the Black Rock.

Ever-adventurous @Lottery_Ticket swung over the stream on jungle vines.

@Lottery_Ticket immediately recognized this area as one visited by Hurley; sure enough she was right!
Below photo courtesy @kiwilostie
Danielle Rousseau led Locke and the others through the same area in the season 1 finale, Exodus.

Dozens of banyan trees cover the area. Some of them made it onscreen in the season 2 finale Live Together, Die Alone and in Lighthouse from season 6.

This is the view looking upstream from our location, followed by the view looking downstream.

The LOST scenes filmed at Kapena Falls are spread out over several different locations along the stream.

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