Wednesday, October 5, 2011

LOST Tour: Across the Strange Beach

Our KOS Tour lasted only two hours and was focused strictly on the Kualoa Ranch. The following day, Thursday July 28th, 2011, we set out on a full-day LOST tour with Hawaiian Escapades that covered many locations throughout Oahu.

Our first stop was Lana'i Lookout followed by the Makapu'u Trail.

Next we made a quick stop at Waimanalo beach. (I believe it was between Makapu'u and Waimanalo that our tour guide noticed a sign on the side of the highway indicating that Hawaii 5-0 was filming nearby. We did stop briefly but didn't spot the crew.) The beach doubles as Thailand in the season 3 "classic" Stranger in a Strange Land.

The CGI crew added a few extra islands to those which are actually present off the coast.

Two pensive travelers enjoy the soft sand and hot sun. Unfortunately we forgot to bring our kites. Fortunately we forgot to bring Achara.

Jack executes his flat-on-his-back-injured-looking-up-at-the-sky performance that we will see again in "The End".

This same location is also featured in Across the Sea, both as the beach where Claudia washes ashore, and the beach where Jacob finds the game of senet.

This is the view looking left (when facing the water).

The water is a beautiful, clear turquoise. If I were to be washed up on a beach this is the one I would choose! (Bonus points if Claudia was stranded as well!)

A stand of trees rises up from the sand's edge. This is the area where Jacob and Barry hung out as kids.

The scenes where BIB sees his mother were shot a little further away from the beach in the same forest.

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