Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sayid and the Blowfish

Conveniently located just a few stumbles away from the Park Shore Hotel elevator is LuLu's Bar and Restaurant.

The restaurant features a retro-surfer decor, great breakfasts, thick burgers, and daily happy hour. Odds are if the Oahu 4 weren't checking out Lost locations they could be found here.

LuLu's is open to the beach on one side and to the park housing Honolulu Zoo on the other, a beautiful view any time of day.

@Lottery_Ticket and I forgot to coordinate our shirts one day. How embarrassing. We walked around with these menus hiding our faces the entire morning.
Below photo courtesy @Scoutpost

This is the one and only non-alcoholic beverage consumed by the Oahu 4 at LuLu's.

Here is the start of a typical happy hour at Lulu's during our stay.

And here we are fifteen minutes leader. Our fearless leader @kiwilostie demonstrates the proper way to consume as many drinks as possible. Also note @Lottery_Ticket's hands in the middle right part of the frame.
Below photo courtesy @Scoutpost
Half an hour in. @Lottery_Ticket's arms have taken full flight. Meanwhile @kiwilostie has taken a flight of his own -- to the bar to order another round.

Ten minutes later. All four of us stare in glassy-eyed wonder at the blowfish which line Lulu's ceiling. We argue about which Lost character each looks most like. This one is clearly Desmond.

One night we hung out at LuLu's for some live music. The band was energetic, if a little juvenile. However, the Oahu 4 only had eyes for the bass player. Imagine if you will the love child of Sayid Jarrah and Ron Jeremy. "Medically impossible," you object? "Pe shaw!" I respond. For here, my friends, proof positive that such a union did in fact occur.
Below photo courtesy @Scoutpost