Sunday, November 13, 2011

LOST Tour: Fort Street Before Our Eyes

The Fort Street Mall is a pedestrian-only shopping area that stands-in in for London in several episodes of LOST, most notably Flashes Before Your Eyes but also Greatest Hits and Dead is Dead.

At 915 Fort Street stands the American Savings Bank which doubles as the headquarters of Widmore Industries. A telltale pattern of inlaid circular lights gives the location away. This is the building that an angry and confused Desmond departs after his meeting with Charles Widmore in Flashes, Charlie busks here in Greatest Hits, and this is the location at which Charles Widmore receives Ben's call informing him that daughter Penny is about to be Linusized.

The Widmore Industries signs look to have been practical rather than CG. One of them is visible in a behind-the-scenes shot below.
Below photo courtesy Ryan Ozawa, taken during a November 2006 shoot.

After exiting the Widmore Industries building Desmond swings left onto Fort Street only to run into...
Below photo courtesy @kiwilostie

... Charlie Pace, pre- Drive Shaft. These scenes were filmed at the intersection with Merchant Street.
Below photo courtesy @kiwilostie
About a block away, near the corner of Fort and Merchant one can find the satellite city hall entrance which doubled as a London underground stop.
Below photo courtesy Ryan Ozawa, taken during a November 2006 shoot.
This shot gives a sense of the geography of the scene -- the Widmore Industries building is immediately to the left of Desmond and the underground sign can be seen behind him.

The scene with Desmond and Eloise together on a bench was also filmed near the intersection of Fort and King. The Londony buildings in the background are CG.

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