Thursday, November 10, 2011

LOST Tour: Rose in Winter

Although I found Bernard's on-Island antics in season 2's S.O.S. somewhat ho-hum, I did enjoy the Rose and Bernard flashback which included their first meeting one cold and snowy night. That scene was filmed on a stretch of Marin Street between Smith and Nuuanu in downtown Honolulu.

I'll award Bernard a silver prize for second-best LOST faceplant.

The Sayid/Shannon awakening scene in The End was also filmed in this area.
Below photo courtesy @Scoutpost

The brick building houses O'Toole's Irish Pub. The pub interior is featured in Flashes Before Your Eyes.
Below photo courtesy @Scoutpost

At the end of Marin Street lies another pub -- Murphy's Bar and Grill. Its interior is used in flashback scenes from Homecoming and Lockdown.
Below photo courtesy @Scoutpost

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