Saturday, November 26, 2011

LOST Tour de Stade

After a few stops in Honolulu our Hawaiian Escapades van set off for its final destination -- Oahu's North Shore. On the way we passed by Aloha Stadium which appears in three episodes of the show.

Its first appearance is in the season 2 opener, Man of Science, Man of Faith. It serves as backdrop to a chance encounter between Jack and Desmond, a meeting which precedes their time in the Swan Station by several years.

The Season 2 finale, Live Together, Die Alone, revisits the same night but shows us an emotional conversation between Desmond and Penny that occurs immediately prior to his run-in with Jack.

A final visit to the stadium occurs in the flash-sideways, shortly after Desmond "wakes up". This time Penny runs the tour de stade. I guess even in the after-life one has to stay in shape.

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