Saturday, June 5, 2010

LOST Finale

The LOST finale aired on the 23rd of May 2010. Count me in the camp of those who thoroughly enjoyed every minute of The End. Thrilling. Emotional. Nostalgic. Surprising. Satisfying. Even two weeks later I continue to process the events of the finale, as well as the entire series as seen through the prism of its final chapter.

My son and I watched both the pre-show and the finale itself. My daughter joined us at about 10PM. Although it is "only a TV show", LOST has managed to wrap itself around our emotional core in a way that eerily resembles reality. Tissues were is short supply at the end of the evening.

Setting the mood for the LOST finale watch.

A toast to the show that has become such an integral part of our lives.

Can you guess who are favourite character might be?

Changed into one of my LOST T-shirts from

Another great shirt from TeeFury.

Two prints from the Lost Underground Art Project, and a very special print with plenty of wonderful memories attached.

Loved seeing Charlie again this season. The Charlie/Claire revelation was one of several dew-inducing moments.

Now that Hurley's ruler of the island, giant Apollo bars sprout from the jungle floor.

RIP Jin and Sun.

I wonder if he'll ever unravel the mystery of the Hurley-bird?

The necessities of life: Beer, chocolate, and LOST figures.

LOST became so much more than just a TV program. Here is a Christmas card I received from Alice (a.k.a. comixguru), one of the friends I met through the show.

I have yet to re-watch the final episode of LOST. Like Ben, I don't feel that I'm quite ready yet. It has now been two weeks since the finale aired. The feeling of loss remains. We will probably start a series re-watch in the weeks leading up to the Season 6 DVD release -- until then we remain LOST.

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