Thursday, August 25, 2011

LOST Tour: The Other Makapu'u Trail

The morning of Thursday July 28th brought us back to the parking lot of the Makapu'u trail, this time with our Hawaiian Escapades tour guide. Rather than retread the path which leads upward toward the Makapu'u lookout, we instead took a different, less-traveled trail that led directly to the coastline. It is the same trail that Michael was led down by Tom Friendly, Alex, Danny Pickett, and the other Others in the episode Three Minutes.

This little oasis of red reminds me of the red flowers that used to pop up now and again in the jungle.

In the distance we could make out the standing black rock that marked our destination.

We encountered some resistance from the indigenous wildlife. This little critter seemed intent on blocking our passage.

Fortunately @kiwilostie was packing heat (a firearm, that is), so we were able to overpower the beast and continue our trek.

As is apparent in the screenshot, LOST's CGI masters spruced up the rock formation tom make it even more recognizable.

The Others and their hostage approach the decoy camp. This area is located at the base of the hill on which stands the black rock.

Ben also strolled near this area in the episode Every Man for Himself, shortly before revealing to Sawyer the existence of Hydra Island.

The behind-the-scenes picture below shows that the fake DHARMA door was placed in the rock wall located beneath the standing rock.

Below photo courtesy Ryan Ozawa / The Transmission
Below photo courtesy Ryan Ozawa / The Transmission
The coastline in this area is dark, rocky and forms a sheltered inlet with several rocky "arms" stretched out into the water.
Below photo courtesy @kiwilostie
Below photo courtesy Ryan Ozawa / The Transmission
Now this is the photo which confuses me. It looks below that the fake DHARMA door is actually on the north side of the alcove rather than the south side beneath the standing rock. Either it is an optical illusion or perhaps they set it up in both places to get different shots.
Below photo courtesy Ryan Ozawa / The Transmission
Ben, Sawyer, et. al. trudged up the slopes somewhere nearby.

Another shot of the cove's north side, which can also be seen behind Michael and Danny in the subsequent screencap.

Sayid scrambles across the rocky terrain in a scene from Live Together, Die Alone.

Had to get my picture with at least one celebrity this trip!

This is the view southward from the rocky cove.

@kiwilostie ventured up the hill to get rock-eye view of the scene.
Below photo courtesy @kiwilostie
@Scoutpost imagines the day when The Others set up shop on this ground.

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