Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A closer look at Just Progress

Just Progress forms the second half of Brandon Otto's LOST diptych. I like this print, though to my eye the composition and the craftsmanship are at a level slightly below that of its predecessor, Candidates. Regardless, a very fine poster that I'm proud to own.

The composition is similar to Candidates, but with the statue in place of Jacob/MIB and with a Des/Charlie duo forming the centerpiece in place of Flocke.

Desmond is quite nicely drawn, with equal parts gravitas and sex appeal.

Charlie Pace has a concerned look in his eye.

For some reason I have the feeling that these feet belong to a giant Muppet rather than an Egyptian god. Is it just me, or do those legs have a Bird Bird feel to them?

Daniel Faraday deep in thought. Trying to formulate a plan to score with Charlotte.

Michael looking for his boy. (Hint: look to your right and down a bit.)

Boone and Shannon. I'm glad we saw them both in the finale though I felt that their appearance, more than any other, felt a little forced.

Juliette seems to be a hard likeness for many artists. This one isn't quite there either.

As was the case for Season 6, Mr. Eko is stuck in the background.

Very nice portrait of Captain Frank -- he'll get you home tonight. Oh wait, that was Captain Jack wasn't it?

Pretty good job on Ilana. I was starting to enjoy her character around the middle of Season 6 -- she had a couple of choice scenes and lines but then !BAM!

I can see a bit of Penny here, but again I don't think it quite captures the character 100%.

Decent job on both Bernard and Rose -- was glad to see them both on The Island and in the sideways during Season 6.

Walt all grown up. Too bad the creative team couldn't find a way to fit him into Season 6. Looking forward to his scenes on the DVD.

And thankfully we even get Vincent. He was there at the beginning, and he was there for The End.

As with Candidates, I have print #48 of 50.

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