Saturday, June 19, 2010

McFarlane Series 1: The Hatch

In addition to the single figures, McFarlane series 1 also included a mucho coolio Hatch diorama featuring Jack, Locke, Kate and Hurley.

This set pictures the uber-iconic moment where Locke and Jack peer down into the freshly de-hatched Swan Station.

The torches held by Locke and Kate are well done, looking quite realistic in some of these photos.

After seeing the numbers on the hatch, Hurley has a very bad feeling about this.

Jack and Locke are firmly affixed to the hatch, but Kate and Hurley are removable.

More details -- notice the tattoo on Jack's arm and the sheathed knife at Locke's waist.

To simulate the scenes where a glow emanates from the hatch, a working light source is included.

The secrets of the hatch are waiting to be discovered...

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