Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Daniel Danger's 'And that's why my hand was shaking..."

The first DCAAPB poster I failed to purchase due to a near-instantaneous sell-out was And that's why my hand was shaking. Because this is not a man you go and see, this is a man who summons you by Daniel Danger. (When first sold on DCAAPB it was referred to as Jacob's Cabin) From the beginning I've been fascinated by the piece and I ranked it my third favourite of the first sixteen posters.

I've have been keeping an eye on eBay for a few months, but the poster had typically been selling in the $300 - $400 range. The artist put his copies up for sale recently at a cost of $250, less than market value but still a little steep for me. Out of the blue a few weeks ago I received an offer I couldn't refuse from a very generous young man, and shortly thereafter I was overwhelmed with glee when this fabulous print arrived at my door.

Wow! Every time I look at this print I'm at once amazed by the brilliant technique and as well drawn into the scene, as if a force were subtly pulling me closer. I can hear the raindrops on the cabin, and can see the shimmering glow from the flashlight as it dances through the trees.

From certain angles, in certain light, rain can be clearly seen streaming into the jungle.

A tighter shot of the cabin with the figure tentatively approaching.

Very eerie close-up of the cabin interior including what looks like "Jacob's" chair.

I'm not sure if the figure in the print has been positively identified by the artist. Most probably it is either Ben, Richard, or Locke. Or possibly it is simply meant to be anonymous. In this closeup the figure looks to be follicly challenged so my guess is Locke.

A very cool rendition of the cabin entrance. I'm amazed at how Danger makes even the doors and windows interesting and strange.

I have print #95 of 300. (Well, I'm 95% sure it is #95, sometimes I have trouble interpreting Danger's numerals.)

I am incredibly happy to finally be in possession of this poster. Thanks again to the fellow LOST fan whose kindness made it possible.

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